Redox has established strong dynamic relationships with its clients and suppliers due to its commitment to quality assurance. Constant review and management of all our changing processes ensures we maintain best business practices, while acting in accordance with the relevant industry standards.

This assurance is also achieved through our commitment to:

  • The Responsible Care Program and the Plastics & Chemical Industries Association, which sees us tackle a wide range of issues including: Environmental Protection, Employee Health & Safety, Storage and Transport Safety, Product Stewardship and Community Right to Know.
  • Constant correspondence with suppliers on manufacturing and treatment processes in light of the tightening of import regulations imposed by AQIS and MAF.
  • Ongoing efforts with authorities and the Australian Crime Commission to crackdown on the chemical manufacture of illegal drugs and weapons.
  • Procuring the Codex HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) Certifications to allow for the warehousing and supply of speciality ingredients for food and beverage related industries.
  • Improving the systems that monitor our complex range of permits, including Dangerous Goods & Poisons Licensing, HSNO (NZ), quarantine import permits and Chemical Weapon Precursors, and Kosher and Halal Certifications.