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Pea protein has become a recent contender in the market, shaking things up (both literally and figuratively) in the protein powder game. Distributed by Redox, pea protein isolate is an ingredient of choice amongst food manufacturers, especially those concerned with vegan and vegetarian nutrition, due to its balanced amino acid spread, high protein concentration and sustainable nature.

Pea protein isolate is a highly bio-available protein option, free of milk that is ideal for those with dairy sensitivities and allergies, or those who live a plant-based vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. As a plant-based protein, its production offers lower environmental impacts by reducing energy consumption, emissions, land usage and water consumption.

Due to increasing consumer trends favouring organic and sustainable food sources, pea protein isolate have become a popular ingredient in a variety of food applications, including bars and snack items, soups and sauces, dairy and dairy substitutes, diet products and nutritional supplements, and meat substitutes and processed meats.

Our pea protein isolate is a natural vegetable protein derived from peas, available in 80%-85% pea protein in both conventional and certified organic grades. Its ingredients provide important nutritional and functional benefits as well as easy handling and excellent usability characteristics:

  • Plant-based protein
  • Neutral taste
  • High protein content
  • High content of complex amino acids, glutamic acids, lysine and arginine

Our pea protein isolate is processed under strict quality controls to ensure the best quality ingredients for the market. All products are produced under the ISO International Environment, ISO9001 Quality Management and HACCP Food Safety Management Systems, along with Green Food, FDA American, KOSHER and HALAL Certification.

To discuss how you can include pea protein isolate in your next product, ensuring a nutritionally balanced, dairy free and sustainable product, contact one of our industry experts! 

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