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Required to transform grapes into wine, enzymes are naturally present in all winemaking processes and are often used to increase preliminary juice extraction. Distributed by Redox, ROHAVIN® by AB Enzymes and AB Biotek consists of a range of enzymes suitable for white, rose and red wines, optimising processes and helping winemakers obtain a higher quality wine.

The addition of external microbial enzymes depends on the grape pectin composition, grape variety, ripeness, health, vintage conditions and processes applied. Pectinases are particularly suitable for the skin contact treatment of white grapes in order to improve juice yield and aroma extraction, as well as to enhance clarification and sedimentation in free-run musts. Pectinases with cellulase and hemicellulase side activities intensify the maceration of red-skinned grapes and improve colour extraction in skin fermentation.

The ROHAVIN® product portfolio is designed to provide an array of solutions including:

  • ROHAVIN® MX – Ideal for skin maceration of crushed grapes for white and rosé winemaking as well as for the production of white grape juice.
  • ROHAVIN® L and ROHAPECT® CLEAR – Ideal for improving juice extraction and clarification of the must in white wine production. The use of both products brings about rapid settlement and flotation.
  • ROHAVIN® Colour – Particularly recommended for skin fermentation in red winemaking. The treatment supports the production of intense purple-red, full-bodied red wines with soft tannins.
  • ROHAVIN® L and ROHAVIN® MX – Suitable for reducing viscosity in thermovinification processes and skin fermentation to produce fruity and elegant red wines.
  • ROHALASE® BX and ROHALASE® BXL – Recommended for improving clarification and filtration, as well as the “sur lie” process, and regenerating kieselguhr filters, and cleaning cross-flow membranes.

AB Enzymes and AB Biotek, a part of the ABF Family, build on 85 years of experience in pectinase research and development. Based on their extensive scientific understanding and application expertise, AB Enzymes develop best-in-class products that are successfully applied in state-of-the-art wineries around the world.

To discuss your wine needs and how our enzymes can aid in optimising processes, contact one of our industry experts!

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