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Managing Director – Chairman
Robert Coneliano

Renato Coneliano
Malcolm Perrins
Ian Campbell
Richard Coneliano
Raimond Coneliano
Ken Perrins

Company Secretary
Malcolm Perrins

Registered Office
Redox Pty Ltd
2 Swettenham Road
Minto NSW 2566

92 000 762 345

Dun and Bradstreet Reference
75 114 3249

Subsidiary Information
Redox Chemicals Sdn Bhd Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redox Pty Ltd.
Redox Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redox Pty Ltd.

Deloitte Private Pty Ltd
Level 19
60 Station Street
Parramatta NSW 2150


All amounts are in Australian Dollars.

Annual Report 2020

Redox generated sales of $718.467 million in the financial year 2020; an increase of close to 1.5% from the previous year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Redox, Corporate Social Responsibility is about responsible business leadership. It influences how business is conducted, interactions with stakeholders, and the value contributed to society.