Ingrained in the Redox philosophy is continuous improvement, of which our information technology systems are a key plank in the success of the company in an evolving environment.

New technology and generational change has led to fresh ways of working and a culture that is key for growth and success. Digitalisation has been a large focus within Redox culminating with the development of ‘Redebiz’.  Redebiz is a personalised, integrated CRM and ERP system designed to cope with the growing and evolving nature of Redox and the wider market. Its benefits are shared by all stakeholders, internally and externally.

Redebiz has enabled Redox to seamlessly share information throughout our growing team, making sure decision making is swift and decisive. It allows customers to receive the myriad of specifications, certificates of analysis, Safety Data Sheets, food safety information and certifications automatically. Vital market information like up to date import statistics, competitor pricing, and more is collected and shared with our supplier partners to give them the clearest picture of the market for their products. While our Redebiz CRM component allows our representatives to better understand the needs of our clients and provide them with exceptional service.

Working across a diverse collection of industries, geographies, regulatory environments, with access to thousands of products and thousands of customers with unique needs and requirements, is a difficult challenge which Redebiz handles with aplomb. Redebiz helps managers of all facets of the business, providing efficiencies and controls that allow us to fulfil our obligations in full and on time. It has been a truly innovative strategy that has enabled Redox to become an important influencer in the world chemical market.

As the business evolves so does Redebiz, with ongoing innovations such as GS1 barcoding labels implemented in 2018.

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About Redox
Redox is a leading commodity and specialty chemical distributor with 11 sales offices throughout Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States. With more than 350 staff and sales in excess of $653million FY17/18 Redox brings the best products from around the world to clients in over 140 unique industries.