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Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a versatile ingredient used across the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as a binder, emulsion stabiliser and film former. Due to its unique composition it has become an ingredient of choice, ensuring quality products sustain their edge in the market.

Distributed by Redox, PVP is a water-based polymer used as an ingredient within hair, skin and beauty products due to its unique physical properties, including:

  • High solubility in water and various organic solvents
  • An affinity to various polymers and resins
  • High hygroscopicity capabilities
  • Film formation properties
  • Adhesiveness to various substrates
  • Chelate and complex characteristics

For hair products, PVP provides fixative power as it forms a thin coating over hair that helps maintain it in position. In beauty and make-up products it promotes the dispersion of pigments, providing the coverage and blend results desired while as a binder it helps to control the viscosity of a formula.

To discuss our range of PVP polymers and how they can give your product that edge in the market, contact one of our industry experts!

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